Character InfoEdit

Cedric-in-the-Morning is a student of Rainbow Magic in Wonderland Adventures and in Wonderland Adventures: Mysteries of Fire Island. He can teach and remind you how to use Blink magic and Magic Gloves.


Cedric-in-the-Morning as he appears.

He was first taught of how to use Rainbow magic by Morklin. Cedric-in-the-Morning has two assistants named Booleen and Looleen.


He is medium sized wearing a purple hat.


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Translation Meaning
Spanish Cedric-en-el-mañana Cedric-In-The-Morning
French Cedric-dans-le-Matin Cedric-In-The-Morning
German Cedric-in-the-Morgen Cedric-In-The-Morning
Russian Седрик-в-Утро Cedric-In-The-Morning
Korean 세드릭은 - 인 - 더 - 모닝 Cedric-In-The-Morning
Chinese 塞德里克点上 - 清晨 Cedric-In-The-Morning
Japanese セドリックインザモーニング Cedric-In-The-Morning
Arabic سيدريك في والصباح ، Cedric-In-The-Morning
Indonesian Cedric-di-Pagi Cedric-In-The-Morning
Italian Cédric-al-Mattino Cedric-In-The-Morning
Slovak Cedric-na-Ráno Cedric-In-The-Morning
Azerbaijani Səhər Cedric Cedric-In-The-Morning
Macedonian Седрик-во-Утрински Cedric-In-The-Morning
Turkish Sabah Cedric Cedric-In-The-Morning