Dragoon is a BioForm ship that appears in Intensity XS games. The current conflict with the Mon Saanti Empire differs from previous confrontations in many respects. Their pure aggression and the sheer size of their invasion fleet have brought untold suffering to the affected star systems. But the most threatening aspect of this war is the development of the Mon Saanti BioForms. The Mon Saanti have enslaved many peaceful species, and have genetically enhanced and reprogrammed them to serve their new masters in this conflict. Such is the case with the Dragoon.

The Dragoon once populated the upper atmosphere of Telus IV, a gas giant at the rim of the Empire. Their graceful movements and flight patterns were known throughout the Galaxy for their simple yet elegant beauty. The Mon Saanti did not share this point of view. Thousands were captured, thousands more destroyed. Those captured were bred for aggressiveness and equipped with shields and weaponry.

The original Dragoon is now extinct, and the sight of entire clouds of the new BioForms descending on their target only elicits terror in those unlucky enough to see it.

Note: A new breed of hyper-agressive Dragoons has been spotted in recent encounters. These creatures tend to uncurl their bodies and dive at high speed toward their target. It is unclear whether this "Kamizake" breed is a natural mutation or another experiment by the Mon Saanti Empire.