Grennfleagle as he appears.

Grennfleagel is a student of Grow Magic in Wonderland Adventures: Mysteries of Fire Island. When the payer first meets Grennfleagle, he, Ace and Darlee had scared the Ice Trolls away from freezing some of the Stinkers in the Makeshift Camp. Afterwords Grennfleagle then starts to tell the player who he is what the Grow Magic does and the Ice Trolls live in Sundog Island which would take weeks to take a voyage to that island by a boat. He then tells the player what to do: unfreeze the currently frozen stinkers, then find the Star Key, then find a way off Fire Island and return back to Morklin. He also suggest the player to take Ace, Guggenheimer and OondiOoni with him/her to explore the rest of Fire Island while the rest of the crew stay on the Makeshift Camp to protect the camp from any more harm that the Ice Trolls might do. When Grennfleagle tells the player that OondiOoni, Guggenheimer and Ace are ready, but the player isn't, he/she must be tought how to use Grow Magic, which Grennfleagle does it in a adventure. After that he tells the player that danger may lurk within. Grennfleagle stays on the camp while the player does his/her job to gain access to Sundog Island.


He is wearing a green hat and glasses.