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Intensity XS: ReCharge is the sequel to Intersity XS.

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At the icy fringe of space, a new enemy has arisen!Edit

The galaxy is at peace, but only for the moment. The Mon Saar, fractions of the once mighty Mon Saanti Empire, has been secretly begun developing a base on the remote world of Vanguard. Armed with new technologies, and aided by powerful and terrifying new ally. The Mon Saar are almost ready to unleash their armada in its attempt to restore the Empire into its former glory.

Once again you must pilot the IXS fighter craft into the realm of chaos and strike at the very heart of the Mon Saar forces. Fail, and the spectre of the Mon Saanti Empire will rise again. Get ready to ReCharge!!! Intensity XS: ReCharge was released in 2001.

Features Edit

* New WorldsEdit

The world of Vanguard, the ancient ruins of a lost civilization and the twisting maelstrom of another dimension are among six big worlds waiting to be explored. Complete the game with the hardest level of difficulty and be treated to unlock the secret seventh world!

* New EnemiesEdit

Massive capital ships, strange and powerful new weaponry: 45 different enemy types, including 15 all new foes, will oppose your every move.

* New ChallengesEdit

A Formation Bonus System will keep brining you back to hunt for the ultimate high score. And 3 very distinctive difficulty levels will give both of the action challenged and hard core fans a rewarding gaming experience.

* Same Great GameplayEdit

Simple, addictive and fun! ReCharge builds on the best game play elements from Intensity XS and returns you to the realm of classic arcade/action in style.

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