Mushroom Grove

Map of Mushroom Grove

The Mushroom Grove is a small grove that is filled with big and small mushrooms. It is located northeast of WonderTown, south of The Foggy Mountains and west of the Lazy Leaf Woods. It is seen and visitable in Wonderland Secret Worlds and Wonderland Adventures. This grove is owned by these two Stinkers named Pookie and Patooters.

Wonderland Secret Worlds LevelEdit


Level solution to the WSW level of Mushroom Grove

Move Stinky out of the way of the Cannon and wait until it has destroyed three boxes (yellow box), then quickly use the remaining three boxes to build a bridge along the yellow oval - time the cannonfire carefully. Now move the reflector up one step, switch to Loof, let the cannon destroy one box (green "x"), move the second out of the way (white arrow - or wait for the cannon to destroy it) and use the remaining two boxes to build a bridge along the white oval and open the yellow gate.

Switch back to Stinky, do not collect any coins yet! Use them to guide the boulders to build a bridge to the green button. Open the green gate, collect all coins with Stinky and Loof, and exit.

Levels in Wonderland AdventuresEdit

  • Pop and Blink
  • Chomper Cave
  • Helping Friends
  • Firing Squad
  • Pop Springs
  • Out of Site
  • Good Flower, Bad Flower
  • The Package

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