Scores and HitPoint TablesEdit

The following is a partial list of hitpoints and scores accotiated with the enemies encountered in the Intensity XS games. The range of these hitpoints indicates the actual hitpoint levels may vary according to the Sector and Difficulty setting.

Mon Saanti Attack Craft Automated Defence Drones
Interceptor Mk1; HP:2 Score:25 V1 Droid; HP:2 Score:35
Interceptor Mk2; HP:2 Score:25 V2 Splitter; HP:6 Score:45
Marauder; HP:4 Score:40 ---- Splitter Projectyles; HP:1 Score:10

A14 Re-Generator; HP:10 Score:40

V3 FireDrone; HP:3 Score:50
NetShot; HP:6-14 Score:65
Jammer; HP:16-28 Score:Various Bioforms
Miner; HP:5-17 Score:Various Dragoon; HP:2-6 Score:35
Dragoon (Kamikaze); HP:5-17 Score:Various
Capitol Ships B'Lanta Podships; HP:60 Score:Various
HTE Transport Ship; HP:5 Score:50 Slither; HP:Various Score:Various
"StarWing" Cruiser; HP:15-55 Score:150 Biomass; HP:8-12 Score:40
'Vengeance' Bomber; HP:25-33 Score:225 ---- Biomass Spore; HP:2 Score:5
Carrier; HP:18-30 Score:100 Spawning Pool; HP:50 Score:Various
---- Fighter Craft; HP:1 Score:Various ---- Nerve Centre; HP:40 Score:500
The Crab; HP:200 Score:500

Hive Queen; HP:150+ Score:1000

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