160px-Shadow stinkers

Blue and Red Shadow Stinkers

The Shadow Stinkers are a technically mirrored versions of Stinkers that appeared in the Platinum Edition of Return to Wonderland. Shadow Stinkers can follow any Stinkers move, but they move in the opposite direction of an Stinker and can also collect items.

Types of Shadow StinkersEdit

Red Shadow StinkersEdit

Red Shadow Stinkers can pick up items and activate buttons for you, they will also shoot fireballs at Stinkers whenever they are at the same vertical or horizontal line.

Blue Shadow StinkersEdit

Blue Shadow Stinkers are the same as the Red Shadow Stinkers, except that they don't shoot fireballs at stinkers. You can use a Blue Shadow Stinker and then get it to collect items where Stinkers can't get to in a level.