Teleporters are objects that allow Stinkers and objects to instantly warp from one spot to another when 2 teleporters of the same colour exist in a level. Teleporters appear in all of the Wonderland games.
200px-Ww tps

Teleporters in star (top) and pent (bottom) formats.

Teleporters in the Classic TrilogyEdit

In the Classic Trilogy of Wonderland, Teleporters are placed on the floor and can be found in the "Tiles" section in the Return to Wonderland editor. These teleporters come in 8 different colours (as seen in the pictures) and 2 forms. One form is called the "Pent" (pentagram) form and the other is called the "Star" form. In the original Wonderland, the form used is the "Pent" form and in Wonderland Secret Worlds, the form used is the "Star" form. In Return to Wonderland, you can choose between the "Pent" form and the "Star" form (which ever one you like the most) by changing the setting in the Options menu (it's set to "Pent" by default). In the pictures, the colours of the teleporters are ordered from red, yellow, green, indigo, pink, blue, white and black.

For some reason, when using custom textures in Return to Wonderland, teleporters are only displayed in their "Star" form. This may be because the "Pent" graphic takes on different forms depending on the texture you choose.

Teleporters in Wonderland Adventures gamesEdit

In the Wonder
220px-Teleporters colour

Teleporters in Wonderland Adventures.

land Adventures, teleporters are slightly different. In Wonderland Adventures and Wonderland Adventures: Mysteries of Fire Island, teleporters will only last once and can be activated and deavtivated using buttons. Teleporters come in 9 colours and 5 subcolours. Subcolour 3 and 4 both have different forms.


  • It is possible to use more than 2 teleporters of the same colour in a level/adventure. Although it may lead to unexpected results, many level/adventure makers like to use this trick.