The IXS Prototype Craft is an user controlled ship in the Intensity XS games.

IXS Prototype Craft Basic ControlsEdit

Since the IXS prototype is very simple to control, it has powerful

IXS Prototype Craft

propulsion and weapon systems that need to be completly mastered to maximize your chances in your struggle against Mon Saanti Empire. Here are some helpful hints for the basic ship control:

Use the left mouse button to fire your primary weapon systems. Hold the mouse button down for continuous fire. Use your right mouse button for firing torpedo salvos.

Be in the control of your mouse movements, try to avoid racing your ship all over the screen in jerky and fast motions. Rather try to keep the movements as a steady pace as whenever possible.

The further left your ship is positioned when the safer you are. It might be also tempting to attack an enemy craft head-on to increase the shot of your accuracy, but that will often make it impossible to avoid enemy fire in time.

Along with the same lines, your primary focus should be you own craft. Do not concentrate on what your trying to hit, concentrat on what trying to hit you! Survival should be the only priority.

Bonus and Power up ModulesEdit

These modules are dropped by the destroyed cargo craft known as the HTE Transport Ship and can be incorperated into your own weapon and the shield systems. The following is a short list of the modules and their capabilities.
IXS modules

IXS Modules from left to right: Power Up, Torpedo Salvos, 250 extra credits, Bonus and Damage Modules

Weapon SystemsEdit