The Void is a dark, mystical and dangerous area of Wonderland.


In Wonderland Secret WorldsEdit

On the world map of Wonderland, the void looks like a titanic purple tornado with several storm clouds and thunder
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Map of The Void

strikes around the mysterious complexity. On the inside as seen from the 8 levels that make it, the void is wonderful collabration of blue, purple and black vistas and hues. The Void itself hovers over a major clearing near Forever Forest and can only be reached via gateway from The Chasm near the border of The Wasteland.

The Void must be triumphed and all secret Rainbow Stars are found if Stinky & Co wish to escape and find the aztec shrine where the lost Stinkers are. The storm of the void was responsible for stealing the stinkers and blowing them to the shrine.

In Wonderland AdventuresEdit

In Wonderland Adventures, the Rainbow Shards that gave Wonderland all it's colour were taken by the Thwarts. This caused the Void's energy to creep into the rest of Wonderland. The Thwarts took the Purple Shard into the Void. It had to be rescued and taken back into Wonderland to save Wonderland's colour.

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