Looleen and Booleen

Booleen and Looleen are examples of Wee Stinkers.

Not to be confused with a Baby Boomer.

Character InformationEdit

Wee-Stinkers are smallest stinkers in Wonderland. Their size are smaller than the playable characters or the other stinkers. They also can push buttons or they also can be directed by the player. Wee-Stinkers can be seen asleep or awake. Wee-Stinkers can be awaked when players direct the stinkers to the Wee-Stinkers. They can be killed by fireballs, or be freezed by using Brr. Some notable Wee-Stinkers are Booleen and Looleen from Wonderland Adventures.


Each other


Each other


Thwarts, Ice Trolls, Fireflowers


Some locations


They are very small, Wearing a green cap and green shoes.

Notable membersEdit

Booleen and Looleen

See AlsoEdit

Baby Boomer

Booleen and Looleen


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