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Loof using ice magic

About Wonderland AdventuresEdit

Wonderland Adventures was released in 2007. WA returns you to the magical world of Wonderland in a all new puzzle filled adventure. Once again the safety of Wonderland is in danger, & its up to you to save the day. Featuring entirely redesigned game play mechanics, puzzle elements, 3D visuals, & more. This is Wonderland like you never played it before!

Wonderland Adventures Features Edit

A compelling adventure storyEdit

Explore the vast world of Wonderland, meet & interact with new characters like Morklin, Pootsy, Wee-Stinker's, & Cedric-in-the-Morning, go on new adventures, learn to use magic like pop, blink & ice, & encounter new surprises in every corner. Wonderland Adventures is a family friendly-game that can be enjoyed by people old & young.

Beautiful audio visualsEdit

Wonderland Adventures features all new 3D visuals that will transport you into the world of Wonderland like never before. A symphonic musical score by Jonne Valtonen & delightful sounds & voice effects to complete the experience.

Varied level designEdit

Test your wit & challenge your reflexes as you travel through Wonderland. Your adventures are as varied as rescuing Wee Stinkers, retrieving magical objects like Shards, or learning to outwit Scritters, Chompers, Thwarts, Dragonturtles & more. Wonderland has somthing for everyone.


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