Wonderland Walkthroughs

Need to know how to solve a level? Want to get all those Bonus Points? Check the links below for a complete walkthrough of selected levels in the full version!

More levels will be added over time. If your level is not listed, and you need help desperately, check out the Midnight Synergy website for a cheat code to skip levels. (use with caution)

World 1 - Training Grounds 1.First Steps 2. Traps and Tribulations 3. Buttons and Bridges 4. Getting the Big Picture 5. Introducing Loof

World 2 - The Water Palace 3. Coily on the Loose 5. First You're Here, then You're There 7. Loof to the Rescue 8. One, Two, Kaboom!

World 3 - Winter in Wonderland 3. Fish in a Barrel 4. Here They Come! 5. So Close (and yet so far) 6. Collision Course 10. Fire and Ice

World 4 - The Halls of Undermountain 1. Trial by Fire 4. Release the Hounds 5. Blast Through 8. Barrel of a Gun 9. The Corridor

World 5 - Top of the World 2. The Two Towers 3. Tower Hopping

World 6 - Desert Cities 2. Take the Long Way Home 3. Separation Anxiety 4. Raiders of the Lost Coins 5. A River runs through it 7. Symmetries 9. The Pinnacle 10. Tower-Top Prison

World 7 - Spaced Out 1. Tic Tac Toe 5. Time Flies when you're having Fun 8. That Darn Scouge!

World 8 - Mixed Up Stinky and Loof 1. Network Theory 2. I'm Getting Dizzy! 3. Ten Seconds? 4. The Amazing Slip-and-Slide

World 9 - Heart of the Volcano 1. After the Cave-In 3. Bombs-a-Lot 6. Just One Coin! 7. Get Ready, Set, and Run! 8. Short... but not so sweet 10. Trapped in the Teleporter

World 10 - The Jade Temple 3. Evasive Action 4. Return Trip 5. You Go First! 7. Guarded Buttons 8. Let's go for a Walk 10. One Last For The Road

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